Bring the Noise” - Public Enemy

DG the Mob


DG the Mob is a collective of independent artists, photographers, videographers, animators, video editors, skaters, and songwriters based out in the greater Houston area. In 2014 we were a simple group of middle schoolers who happened to have their friend group be given the name "Dolphin Gang" after an extremely eventful Pool Party. In 2019 we decided to get serious about our futures, and rebranded ourselves as
"DG the Mob". Now fast forward to 2023 DG we've transformed into so much more. Each and every day we’re growing and striving towards oue goals, and have no intention of stopping, so buckle up because you're in for one heck of a ride. While slowly adding new members, dropping a few dope tracks along the way, and sharpening our craft consistently, the future looks bright for this young collective and we can’t wait to not only display the potential of our combined talents and resources but also give back to our community and change the world through music and art

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$uper $seriou$ Inquirie$ ($$$)